Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Close to nature.....visit "Shi Du"

Shi Du – the Ten Crossings are located about 100 kilometers southwest of Beijing, on the upper reaches of the Juma River. To get from Zhangfang Village to Shi Du, it is necessary to cross the Juma River 10 times, which is how the spot got its name.
The scenic spot is filled with sparkling streams, marshy swampland and gushing springs.  Adventure seekers can try horseback riding or bungee jumping.  The earliest bungee jumping facilities in Beijing were built here, with one platform at 48 meters and another at 55 meters.
In Shi Du Scenic Spot, you can never miss the opportunity to climb mountains, play in the waters and ride horses.
Shi Du has the highest peak, Donghugang, the best water in Xihugan and the longest chain bridge in Gushanzai.
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