Friday, January 20, 2012

Frequently asked questions and our answers!

Do cell phones work in China?

As far as cell phones go, you really have two choices. The one that I think is best would be to, would be to call your cell phone company and tell them that you would like to get a China roaming package because you will be traveling to China. Then after you get home, call them and cancel the service. That always seems to be the best option, although you will probably need a converter for your cell phone battery charger. Or the other option would be to buy a cell phone in China. They can be rather expensive to call a number in the US but it is another option. If you wanted it for local China, then that might be all that you would need.

What can you tell me about using cash, charge accounts, exchanging currency  etc. while in China? 

In terms of cash, I would highly recommend you carry US currency and a small amount of Chinese (Yuan) while you are out and about on your daily adventures. You can either exchange some US cash before you leave at your personal bank. The airports and hotel lobbies will also have currency exchanges available for you to use, at a small fee. I would not recommend using your personal credit card at many of the local little street vendors, and a majority of them will not even have credit card processing machines. If the larger shops that we will be taking you to, you are able to use your credit card should you choose to purchase anything. (It is also safe at these locations) Generally, most of our clients have found that it is easiest to go to one of the local bank of china ATM’s and by using their personal checking account debit cards, directly withdrawal currency that way. PLEASE NOTE: to check with your bank branch before you leave that there are no large international withdrawal fees associated with your card.  People such as your guide and driver will accept US Currency as a tip. However, please remember other than your provided guide and driver; it really is not a tipping culture. (such as cab drivers or waiters)

Do we need to have any immunization shots before leaving?

As far as immunizations are concerned we actually do not recommend or require any vaccinations, neither does the government of China. However, I always recommend that my clients check with their primary care physician just to be sure that their doctor does not recommend anything. I mean obviously your personal doctor knows you best, and it’s just over all better to get a professional opinion. Although we here at the company do not suggest or require anything, just something to keep in mind.

Is there some sort of a dress code that we should follow?

There is not an actual dress code throughout the course of the trip, the trip is set up to be very causal and comfortable. Some sort of dress shirt/button down shirt for men and a pair of slacks should be more than adequate in terms of at dinners. Even t-shirts and jeans are okay as well. As far as what clothing I would recommend for a woman, it really doesn’t matter as long as you are comfortable. There are not any formal, suit and tie or gown events.  Really is depends on the preference of the traveler. I would however not recommend wearing any strappy sandals with heels as you will be doing a lot of walking and will want comfortable shoes. Your main priority should be comfortable shoes throughout the course of the trip and then the rest of the trip will pretty much just fall into place.

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