Friday, June 4, 2010

The Shanghai Expo started on May 1, 2010 and will be going on through October 31, 2010. If you are interested in attending the Expo, China Discovery Tours has a few different tour options that we would like to recommend to you. Our tours not only allow you to see the scenic sites of China in various cities; but they also allow you to spend a few wonderful days browsing the different Pavilions of the Expo at your own leisurely pace.

To get a little better acquainted with the tours that China Discovery Tours offers relating to the Expo, you can locate them here:

With the theme of "Better City, Better Life," the Shanghai Expo has been bringing in numbers of visitors with great success. Since the Shanghai Expo started on May 1, 2010 it has brought in over 9,567,800 people. Yesterday it had a number of 436,900 visitors alone. So far the record breaking day was on May 29, 2010 and it had over 505,000 people visit. Can you imagine just how many people will have had the chance to visit the Expo before it ends? Will you be able to say that you were one of them as well?

With visitor numbers being so high and still rising in numbers, a warning has been issued by Health Experts in concern for those whom have various heart conditions. Those who have previously suffered from a heart attack are advised to avoid extremely crowded areas of the Expo whenever possible, due to the temperature rises and visitor flow. Those who suffer from coronary heart disease as well as hypertension have also been advised to avoid highly crowded areas whenever possible. Remembering to bring their medicine with them to the Expo is also highly recommended. Anyone with any of the conditions listed above is also being encouraged to bring family memebers with them to accompany them while visiting the Expo.

Since wheelchairs were in such high demand at the Expo, the Shanghai Charity Foundation donated 1,000 wheelchairs to the 2010 World Expo.

 The Featured Pavilion for tomorrow... June 5, 2010 is the Kazakhstan Pavilion.

The Pavilions theme is Astana - the Hearth of Eurasia, and it shows the world its Young and Dynamically Developing Capital, Astana. The interior of the pavilion is composed to eight different segments and combined together they express the pavilions theme to its fullest extent. The different sections of the pavilion are composed of; Territory of Knowledge, 4D Cinema, Urban Matrix 2030, Interactive Entertainments, Area of Astana, Soft Tribune, Art-Zone, and Farewell to Kazakhstan. All of which were designed to better acquaint you with Eurasia and how it is Developing.

 Are you interested in attending the 2010 Shanghai Expo? It's not to late to become a part of the activities.

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