Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Karate Kid was filmed in China

A current box office movie, The Karate Kid was filmed in various parts of China. The producers and directors took full advantage of the fact that they were filming in China, and thus allowing for some really incredible fight scenes.Within the movie you can see Beijing's Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and even a Taoist holy site at Wudang Mountain.

This movie is the biggest Hollywood-Chinese co-production to date. The Chinese provided about one eighth of the films $40 million dollar budget.

Despite mixing Kung-Fu with Karate, there is a huge controversy raging on the internet about the name of the movie. Many people argue that the title of the movie should have been The Kung-Fu Kid, instead of The Karate Kid. Considering that Karate originated in Japan, and Kung-Fu originated in China.

 A website where you can read about other peoples comments about the movie, can be located here:

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  1. i really wish i could go to china but i saw the karate kid and to me it was the best movie i've ever seen lol jk but it was pretty good

  2. i really wonder how it is to be famouse though im really good at singing and when i grow up i know i am going to be a famouse singer lol and im not kidding, and if i did become famouse i would make alot of money and give some to the homeless, and i want to star in a movie it seems really cool lol

  3. glad that you are interested in China, Tamarra!