Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Helping Hands

Have you been wondering about the Shanghai 2010 Expo? It is not too late to get to be a part of it! The Expo has not only been bringing in alarmingly high numbers of visitors but it has also been bringing in large numbers of people that want to help out by being involved.

The people that have been helping to make the 2010 Shanghai Expo possible are the thousands and thousands of volunteers. Approximately 172,000 local volunteers have been doing their part to make the Expo run as smoothly as possible.

Beijing selected about 200 helpers out of the 2 million volunteers that they had register and divided them into different teams, to help different sections of the Expo. A majority of the assistants that were selected had previously worked the Beijing Olympics, the National Day parade, and earthquake rescue work.

Originally the Expo on planned on placing 77,000 assistants at the Expo venues and 130,000 assistants at service stations in the city. So far about 72,000 volunteers have been in helping at the venues and about 100,000 people have worked helping in the city stations.

Large portions of the volunteers are local college students that are all doing their part to lend a helping hand. It is said that about 90 percent of the venues assistants and 35 percent of the cities assistants are college students.

Does it make you wonder why so many people would volunteer for this one event alone? Well there are many different reasons as to why, but the only way to be able to experience this event. Would be for you to plan on going for yourself. Luckily here at China Discovery Tours; we have some different tour options that not only show you some of the scenic sites of China's Cities, but they also allow you to explore the Expo at your own pace.

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