Thursday, May 20, 2010

Warm Welcoming

China Discovery Tours

Dear Travelers,

China Discovery Tours welcomes you to join us in 2010-2011 in exploring China and other countries in Asia. We believe that travel is a life-enriching experience, which is why we are here to help you on your journey of discovery by providing a deeper understanding of other nations, their people and their histories.

Since 1986, as a family owned company, we have maintained the philosophy of providing our customers with high quality, all inclusive tours packages with outstanding customer service at reasonable prices. Continually asking one simple question: "Would I send my friends and family on this journey?" We judge our successes by the growing number of customers we attract each year simply by word of mouth. Only the finest hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and professional guides are selected, and fully customized tours for any group size are available upon request. With our knowledge and long-standing experience, we hope to assist you in embarking a journey of a lifetime to discover the riches of Asia, and prove to you "Nobody shows you Asia like China Discovery Tours."

Warmest Regards,

China Discovery Tours Team

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