Saturday, May 22, 2010


Have you thought about going to the 2010 Expo happening in Shanghai? With the theme of “Better City, Better Life,” the expo opened its doors with a great success.

From May 1 - October 31, 2010 Shanghai will be the host to World Expo 2010 Shanghai, also previously known as the World's Fair. Throughout the course of this “extravaganza,” there are more than 70 million visitors expected and 242 countries and international organizations taking part in the activities.

During the opening ceremonies of the Expo, the skyline of Shanghai was lit up by a vast variety of colors during the celebration fireworks display.

Exhibitors are presenting advances in technology and science that create more eco-friendly environments and lifestyle enhancements for urban population centers. Exhibitors will also expand on ideas for international cooperation in cultural, scientific and technological exchange.

There are many unique and beautiful pavilions on display at the expo. However, an example of what you might see if you were to go and experience the Expo for yourself is, The China Pavilion.
“The main structure of the China Pavilion, "The Crown of the East," has a distinctive roof, made of traditional dougong or brackets, which date back more than 2,000 years. The dougong style features wooden brackets fixed layer upon layer between the top of a column and a crossbeam. This unique structural component of interlocking wooden brackets is one of the most important elements in traditional Chinese architecture. Dougong was widely used in the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC-467 BC).”

At such a crucial juncture in history, what emerges from this gathering of people from such a wide swath of cultures and backgrounds will help define the 21st century. We invite you to experience the Expo and help foster a great exchange of ideas vital to our futures as global citizens. Travel with China Discovery Tours in 2010 to visit and witness, a part of the future... Expo 2010 Shanghai.

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